What's Inside?

Prevent injuries, gain body awareness, and correct imbalances created by doing the sports that you love. What's inside? For a monthly subscription, gain access to more than 20 short and to-the-point videos specially designed for athletes to build stability, strength, and flexibility. Questions about your practice? Included in your subscription is the option to ask Adele for personalized tips.

Videos are broken down by body part and/or muscle group. If you know that you want to work on releasing your hamstrings, building knee stability, or generally working on strengthening your core, we have those videos for you. If you're not sure exactly what areas of the body you should be working on, check out the playlists below. Each playlist is categorized by your favorite sport, and provides a recommended list of videos for you. If you'd like to ask Adele for more specific recommendations, hit the 'Support' button at the top of the page!

Adele owns a small yoga studio in Ensenada, Chile, and began specializing in Yoga Anatomy after working with a group of whitewater kayakers to prevent shoulder and low-back injuries.